"I AM THE SEA...!" - A day out in Brighton by the Sea!

"I am the sea ..."

A day at the beach in Brighton, a fresh wind is blowing in your hair, the sun reflected on the slight swell of the North Sea and the seagulls cry! In the ear the music of The Who! Quadrophenia! I am the Sea, Can you see the real me, Sea and Sand, The Rock ...

Headphones on and the beach promenade towards the pier along!

 In March, the atmosphere is very special. Most rides on the pier are still closed. The first clean up after the winter begin. The ramshackle charm of 1899 opened Brighton Pier staggered back a Victorian in the era. Although the pier through various changes today offers a different picture than the time of its construction, is here but the pride and the size of the old British seaside resorts to see. Although these have been neglected in the past often have lapsed. Today changes this and many pretty up and attract more visitors back to the sea.

Or as the first pier in Brighton, the West Pier, which was destroyed in a fire of 2003. Today, only the skeleton of the 1866-built pier to see the sea. The Eastbourne Pier in East Sussex 2014 become a victim of the flames. The unique wooden architecture, which always impressed visitors and is redolent of ancient times as in Brighton and makes alive the buildings, here the pier was undoing. Fires have in the construction and with the constant wind an easy game.

However, the British are now starting again, for holidays and excursions, to discover the old seaside resorts. Brighton can be reached from London in just over 60 minutes by train. Who (for example, the website of Train Line) tickets early via the Internet book, gets the return trip in one day already 10 GBP. Trains run from London from the station London Bridge or Blackfriars.

In Brighton it arrives at the old terminal station on the hill and then straight ahead down the road to the beach or go to the right up the hill and explored the old houses neighborhood on the way to the beach.

Directly at the station luring some old pubs to linger. Especially the Pub "The Railway Bell" is recommended here. If he offers it with Harvey's Best Bitter one of brewed around beer, making it one of the best bitters, I was able to try in English pubs in the past 23 years. On match days, when the Player of Brighton & Hove Albion in the new stadium on the outskirts of the city (station Falmers) play, here the supporters meet in front for a few beers and then later after the game. Access to the pub there is then only possible with a ticket for the right section of the stadium. In the North Bank sit the supporter of the "Seagulls" that make this an incredible atmosphere. Something that it no longer existing in many stadiums, especially the "Allseater" (pure-seater stadiums) in the Premier League today.

A trip to Harveys Brewery in Lewes is worth it! This can be reached after only 2 stops by bus from Brighton. And to have a Tasting of fine Beer is a very good reason as well! :-)

On the way to the pier, right at the entrance and on the pier, there are many fish and chip shops. A visit to these shops, overlooking the sea, is part of a must for a day at sea!

A visit to see the "Seagulls" play is worth it! Good atmosphere and good beer at the stadium!

Hotels in Brighton, London and around the world can be booked here! In Brighton, I can recommend the IBIS City Hotel! Located right at the station, over many pubs and from there in 5 minutes down the road right up to the sea! There are more good Hotels around the City and on the Waterfront!